What is another word for after a fashion?

Pronunciation: [ˈaftəɹ ɐ fˈaʃən] (IPA)

The phrase "after a fashion" is often used to indicate something that is not done perfectly or completely, but rather to some extent or in some way. Synonyms for this phrase include "to a certain extent," "more or less," "to some degree," "in a way," "somewhat," "partially," and "in part." These expressions can be used interchangeably with "after a fashion" to convey a similar meaning. While none of these phrases implies that something is done perfectly or completely, they all suggest that it is done to some extent or in some way, indicating a degree of effort or accomplishment.

What are the hypernyms for After a fashion?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for after a fashion?

Antonyms for "after a fashion" could include accurately, precisely, exactly, perfectly, and flawlessly. These terms suggest a high level of precision and attention to detail, rather than the vague or incomplete attempt implied by the phrase "after a fashion." Other antonyms could include thoroughly, comprehensively, and exhaustively, indicating a complete and thorough job rather than a haphazard or incomplete one. By using more specific and precise terms, we can convey a greater sense of professionalism and competence in our work, rather than simply doing things "after a fashion.

What are the antonyms for After a fashion?

Famous quotes with After a fashion

  • This preparatory sort of idealism is the one that, as I just suggested, Berkeley made prominent, and, after a fashion familiar. I must state it in my own way, although one in vain seeks to attain novelty in illustrating so frequently described a view.
    Josiah Royce
  • I could see even then that the British officials who spoke of him with a mixture of amusement and disapproval also genuinely liked and admired him, after a fashion. Nobody ever suggested that he was corrupt, or ambitious in any vulgar way, or that anything he did was actuated by fear or malice.Although no doubt he was shrewd enough in detecting dishonesty, he seems wherever possible to have believed that other people were acting in good faith and had a better nature through which they could be approached.
    George Orwell
  • The great forces of history were real, after a fashion. But when you examined them closely, those great forces always came down to the dreams and hungers and judgments of individuals. The choices they made were real. They mattered.
    Orson Scott Card
  • If you tie Handel’s hands by debarring him from the rendering of human emotion, and if you set Bach’s free by giving him no human emotion to render — if, in fact, you rob Handel of his opportunities and Bach of his difficulties — the two men can fight after a fashion, but Handel will even so come off victorious.
    Samuel Butler (novelist)

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