What is another word for set off?

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Set off is a phrasal verb that means to start or cause something to start, or to leave a place for a trip or journey. There are several synonyms for the phrase, including trigger, initiate, kick-start, activate, commence, launch, begin, start, depart, embark, and take off. Each of these synonyms implies a slightly different nuance or connotation. For example, "initiate" and "activate" suggest a deliberate or intentional action, while "kick-start" and "trigger" imply a sudden or unexpected beginning. "Depart" and "embark" have a specific meaning related to travel, while "launch" and "take off" are often used in a figurative sense, to describe the starting of a venture or project.

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How to use "Set off" in context?

When something sets off a reaction in someone, it can be a lasting impression or it can be a momentary feeling of annoyance. Most often, when we speak of setting something off, we're referring to a trigger - something that makes someone react in a certain way. Triggers can be intentional or unintentional, but all of them can pack a punch.

Some common examples of triggers include things such as insults or direct confrontation, but they can also be far more subtle. For some people, even the slightest suggestion of intimacy can set them off. Others might experience a sudden surge of anger over something that's happened in the past.

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