What is another word for modestly?

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Modestly is a term that implies someone is humble, unassuming, and shows restraint when it comes to boasting or expressing their own excellence. Some synonyms of modestly include unpretentiously, unassumingly, meekly, demurely, discreetly, and reservedly. Unpretentiously implies a lack of pretense or grandiosity when it comes to personal qualities or achievements. Unassumingly suggests the hidden potential of someone. Meekly implies a submissive attitude, while demurely highlights a person's shyness and modesty. Discreetly and reservedly suggest someone is subtle when it comes to self-promotion or showing off. Overall, all synonyms of modestly suggest a certain level of humility and a lack of pretension that is appreciated by others.

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    Modestly is a word that means having a low opinion of oneself. It is often used to describe people who are not arrogant or show off their wealth or success. People who are modestly successful may still feel uncomfortable when their achievements are publicised. They may prefer to stay anonymous or keep their work private. Modesty can also be a quality that is highly valued in some cultures. In some cases, it can be seen as a sign of respect.

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