What is another word for debts?

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Debts refer to the money one owes liabilities to others. It's an evolving term that's often used interchangeably with other synonyms. They include arrears, liabilities, payments, IOUs, obligations, deficits, dues, and balances. Arrears are debts that have accumulated over time and haven't been paid. Liabilities refer to financial obligations that a company or individual owes to others. Payments are debts that haven't been settled entirely. IOUs are written or verbal acknowledgments of unpaid debts. Obligations are a moral or legal responsibility for repayment of a debt. Deficits are when one's expenses exceed revenue, leading to financial instability. Dues refer to unpaid money owed by a member. Balances refer to unpaid money still owed.

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    The word "debts" refers to the money owed by a person or an institution that they have not yet paid back. Its antonyms are the words "credit," which means the sum of money available to a person that they can borrow, or "assets," which refers to the property owned by a person or an organization that has monetary value. Another antonym is the word "profit," which means the excess amount of money earned by an individual or a company after deducting expenses; it is the opposite of a debt, which is an amount that needs to be paid. These antonyms highlight the importance of financial stability and planning for individuals and institutions alike.

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