What is another word for approved?

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Approved is a term used to describe something that has been accepted or endorsed by an individual, organization, or governing body. Synonyms for approved include authorized, licensed, validated, certified, accredited, endorsed, sanctioned, and attested. These words all suggest a level of acceptance or permission for something to be used or implemented. Other synonyms for approved may include ratified, confirmed, consented, accepted, and passed. These terms all suggest that a decision has been made to allow or permit something, and that it has met the necessary requirements or standards. Whatever synonym is chosen, it alludes to the idea that something has been reviewed and deemed acceptable or suitable.

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    The Food and Drug Administration, known as FDA, approves new medications and medical devices. In order for a product to be approved, it must typically pass a series of rigorous tests. This process includes not just clinical trials, but also inspections by the FDA.

    Products that have passed all of the tests and are considered safe for use can then be marketed as "approved." This means that the FDA has found that the product is safe for use, meets all the safety requirements, and does not pose a health risk.

    The approval process is not always easy, and there are a number of hurdles that products must pass.

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