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Engagement is a multifaceted word that can be used to denote commitment, involvement, participation, and interaction. These four divergent words are synonyms for engagement and can be used interchangeably. As a participant, an individual involves themselves in a given activity with enthusiasm or interest, while a commitment refers to a promise or obligation to do something. Being engaged in something depicts a sense of dedication, while interaction denotes active communication between parties. All these synonyms for engagement depict a sense of active involvement in a task or activity, with varying degrees of passion or dedication. They all infer a willingness to take part in an activity or task, either voluntarily or because of a sense of obligation.

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How to use "Engagement" in context?

When two people are ready to commit to each other, there is an air of excitement that permeates their relationship. This is partly due to the anticipation of what their future will hold and partly due to the novelty of it all. As their relationship progresses, the excitement usually subsides and a more serious mood takes over. However, this doesn't mean that the excitement phase is over. In fact, it's the foundation of a relationship and without it, the relationship would likely not last.

When two people are engaged, they are making a serious and permanent commitment to each other.

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