What is another word for bombastically?

Pronunciation: [bəmbˈastɪkli] (IPA)

The word "bombastically" refers to a style of speaking or writing that is loud, exaggerated, and boastful. Synonyms for "bombastically" include floridly, grandiloquently, ostentatiously, pretentiously, extravagantly, magniloquently, and rhetorically. These words describe someone who uses flowery language and big words to make themselves sound more important or impressive. Other synonyms for "bombastically" include pompously, showily, theatrically, and overblown. These words all capture the sense of someone who is performing for an audience, using language and gestures to try and impress or intimidate others. Whether writing a speech, an essay, or a social media post, it's important to avoid bombastic language and focus on clear, concise communication.

What are the hypernyms for Bombastically?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for bombastically?

The word "bombastically" refers to something that is characteristically boastful, pretentious, or exaggerated. Its antonyms, on the other hand, describe something that is understated, humble or modest. These could include words such as quietly, simply, unpretentiously, or modestly. A few other antonyms for "bombastically" could be sparingly, sparing, or succinctly. When it comes to communication, selecting the appropriate language can have a profound impact on how a message is perceived. Understanding the nuances of antonyms for words such as "bombastically" can help to ensure that a message is conveyed in a way that is honest, clear, and appropriate to the intended audience.

What are the antonyms for Bombastically?

Usage examples for Bombastically

"That man may consider himself born to no common destiny who has conquered the Napoleon of the West," went on the Mexican general, bombastically.
"For the Liberty of Texas"
Edward Stratemeyer
He was talking eagerly, perhaps a little bombastically, of this great new mining company in which Buffstick was prominent as a director.
"A Trooper Galahad"
Charles King
We rode along the bustling mall, crowded with men and women on horseback, with numbers of gorgeously arrayed native servants and chuprassies of the Government offices hurrying on their respective errands, or dawdling for a chat with some shabby-looking acquaintance in private life; we passed by the crowded little shops on the hill below the church, and glanced at the conglomeration of grain-sellers, jewellers, confectioners, and dealers in metal or earthen vessels, every man sitting knee-deep in his wares, smoking the eternal "hubble-bubble;" we noted the keen eyes of the buyers and the hawk's glance of the sellers, the long snake-like fingers eagerly grasping the passing coin, and seemingly convulsed into serpentine contortion when they relinquished their clutch on a single "pi;" we marked this busy scene, set down, like a Punch and Judy show, in the midst of the trackless waste of the Himalayas, as if for the delectation and pastime of some merry genius loci weary of the solemn silence in his awful mountains, and we chatted carelessly of the sights animate and inanimate before us, laughing at the asseverations of the salesmen, and at the hardened scepticism of the customer, at the portentous dignity of the superb old messenger, white-bearded and clad in scarlet and gold, as he bombastically described to the knot of poor relations and admirers that elbowed him the splendours of the last entertainment at "Peterhof," where Lord Lytton still reigned.
"Mr. Isaacs"
F. Marion Crawford

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