What is another word for brusquely?

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[ bɹˈʌskli], [ bɹˈʌskli], [ b_ɹ_ˈʌ_s_k_l_i]

Brusquely is an adverb that describes someone who acts abruptly or bluntly. Other synonyms for brusquely include curtly, briskly, bluntly, sharply, tersely and roughly. These words can be used to portray an individual who communicates in a forceful, no-nonsense manner. For instance, if someone speaks bluntly to their colleague without any diplomacy, we would describe them as having spoken brusquely. Similarly, if someone is abrupt in their behavior, their actions can also be described as having been done brusquely. Overall, synonyms for brusquely can help describe someone who is short and direct in their communication, and their behavior often leaves little room for pleasantries or small-talk.

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How to use "Brusquely" in context?

Finally, we have "brusquely." This word is similar to abruptly, meaning abruptly or abruptly. It is usually used to describe how somebody behaves and talks. For example, "He came into the room brusquely and without saying hello." This means that he came into the room quickly and without saying anything, which is rude.

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