What is another word for bombast?

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[ bˈɒmbast], [ bˈɒmbast], [ b_ˈɒ_m_b_a_s_t]

Bombast refers to language or speech that is overly grandiose, pompous or pretentious. It is often used to describe speeches or writings that are intended to impress or intimidate rather than communicate effectively. Synonyms for bombast include grandiloquence, pomposity, verbosity, orotundity, rhetoric, magniloquence, inflated language and overblown speech. These words suggest elaborate and exaggerated language that is designed to make an impression rather than convey a clear message. If you want to avoid bombast, strive for clear, concise and straightforward language that captures your ideas and communicates your message in a simple and effective manner.

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    How to use "Bombast" in context?

    Bombast can be defined as a pompous or exuberant speech or writing. It is often used to convey an inflated opinion of oneself or one's work. A figure of speech called hyperbole is often used to convey the exaggerated nature of bombast. Bombast is often used in an attempt to make an impression or to show off one's knowledge.

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