What is another word for conspicuously?

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Conspicuously is an adverb that means being easily noticeable, standing out. Synonyms for conspicuously include noticeably, prominently, remarkably, readily, easily, and distinctly. Frequently used alongside conspicuously are words like obviously, overtly, and markedly. Other related words like noticeably and remarkably are typically used when describing something that is impressive or noteworthy. In contrast, prominently and distinctly are used to describe how something stands out in a specific situation. Words like readily and easily are typically used in the context of accessibility and how something can be easily seen or heard. Overall, synonymous words for conspicuously depends on the situation and context in which it is being used.

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    When used as a noun, conspicuously means noticeably or strikingly, typically making the observer or listener aware of one's presence. It is derived from the Latin word conspicuus, meaning visible, manifest, or patent. Concerning people, conspicuously means having an entrance or presence that is notable, either because of its size or prominence. For example, John stood out conspicuously in his bright green dress in the crowed restaurant. In relation to objects, conspicuously means being out of the ordinary or notice-worthy, such as the conspicuously large bank sign.

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