What is another word for broadcasters?

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Broadcasters refer to individuals or organizations that transmit information via various media channels. The term can be replaced with alternatives, such as communicators, transmitters, presenters, announcers, disseminators, or conveyors. Communicators refer to individuals who convey messages through various means, while transmitters refer to individuals or organizations that relay information electronically. Presenters are people who speak or perform in front of an audience, while announcers deliver information or make public declarations. Disseminators spread ideas or information widely through various channels, whereas conveyors carry messages from one place to another. These synonyms help in framing a message that is clear and concise, making it easier to communicate with your audience effectively.

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    Broadcasters, Throughout history, have been a mainstay of democracy. MSNBC, CNN, and BBC are just a few of the many broadcasters that have fought for freedom and democracy throughout the years. Today, broadcasters continue to play a vital role in our society by informing the public about current events, airing interesting programming, and promoting dialogue.

    Broadcasters are essential for informing the public about current events, airing interesting programming, and promoting dialogue. They continually promote democratic values and the First Amendment by reporting on issues that matter to the public.

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