What is another word for technicians?

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[ tɛknˈɪʃənz], [ tɛknˈɪʃənz], [ t_ɛ_k_n_ˈɪ_ʃ_ə_n_z]

Related words: computer technician, mobile phone technician, camera technician, appliance technician, car technician, motorcycle technician, tv repairman, computer repairman

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    How to use "Technicians" in context?

    When you think of technicians, what comes to mind? Most likely, people who fix things. That's certainly one aspect of technicians, but it's only one part of the equation. Technicians are more than just people who know how to fix things; they're also able to problem solve, think outside the box, and come up with innovative solutions.

    When it comes to getting the most out of technology, there's no one better than a technician. They know how to troubleshoot malfunctions and fix problems, no matter how complex they might be.

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