What is another word for Burlesquing?

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Burlesquing is defined as a form of mockery or parody, in which a serious subject is presented in a humorous and exaggerated way. Synonyms for burlesquing include lampooning, satirizing, ridiculing, mocking, caricaturing, spoofing, and sending up. Lampooning involves using irony, sarcasm, or ridicule to ridicule a person or their actions. Satirizing is a form of comedy that criticizes human stupidity or vices using exaggeration. Ridiculing involves making fun of someone or something in a way that causes them to appear foolish or absurd. Caricaturing involves exaggerating a characteristic or feature to create a comic or grotesque effect. Spoofing and sending up are forms of parodying that aim to create a humorous imitation of a particular style or genre.

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    Burlesque comedy is a form of comedic performance that fuses elements of modern dance, circus, and cabaret. The first use of the term "burlesque" is unknown, but is thought to have originated in the 18th century. Burlesque comedy is typically performed by women in a comical or satirical manner, and typically features nudity, or minimal clothing.

    Burlesque comedy predates modern vaudeville and was popular in the late 1800s. The most well-known burlesque artist of the early days was Lillie Langtry, who popularized the genre in the United States.

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