What is another word for cubage unit?

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Cubage unit refers to the measurement of the space or volume within an object. Some synonyms for cubage unit include capacity, volume and size. Capacity is commonly used to describe the amount of liquids or gases that can fit into an object like a tank or bottle. Volume, on the other hand, can refer to the amount of space occupied by shapes like cuboids or spheres. Size is used to describe the dimensions of an object which is determined by the length, width and height. In engineering and construction fields, cubic metre and cubic foot are also commonly used as synonyms for cubage unit when measuring building materials, foundations or storage units.

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    How to use "Cubage unit" in context?

    Cubage is a new, innovative storage solution for the commercial and industrial sector. Cubage works by organising and stacking clutter in an efficient, space-saving system. The cubage system is easy to use and can be adapted to any storage space.

    With cubage, organisations can decrease the amount of wasted space and increase the efficiency of their storage systems. Cubage is perfect for small businesses, warehouses, shops and factories that need to store items in an organised way.

    The cubage system is made up of cubicles, which can be arranged in any shape or size.

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