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A banner is a rectangular or square piece of cloth or material that is hung or displayed for decorative or informative purposes. Some synonyms for banner include flag, pennant, standard, streamer, bunting, and ensign. Each of these words can be used to refer to a piece of cloth or material, often with symbols or designs, that are used to convey a message or support for a particular cause or group. While some of these words may be more specific or have different connotations, they can generally be used interchangeably with banner in many contexts.

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How to use "Banner" in context?

Banner is an essential part of every website and should be designed carefully to create an effective and appealing presence. It's important to use effective design principles, such as sequencing and contrast, to create a Banner that stands out and grabs attention.

Creating a well-designed banner will help improve a website's overall look and feel, increasing conversions and attracting more visitors. Here are some tips to help you create an effective banner:

1. Start with a Clear Message

Make sure the message you want to communicate is clear and easy to understand before designing your banner.

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