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Mass is a word with various synonyms that can be used according to the context of the sentence. Some of the synonyms for mass are - bulk, volume, weight, magnitude, size, amount, quantity, and more. Synonyms like bulk and weight are used for expressing the heaviness or the amount of a thing. Synonyms like size and volume are used to indicate the dimensions of a thing. On the other hand, synonyms like magnitude and quantity are used for denoting the extent of any phenomenon. The utilization of such synonyms not only enriches our vocabulary but also helps us to communicate more effectively.

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    Mass is an important property of an object or material. It is the measure of a body's mass and determines how much energy it can produce when it is moved. There are many different types of mass and they are related to the amount of energy that a body needs to produce to move. The larger the mass, the more energy it needs to move.Mass is also related to the amount of force that is needed to move an object. The more mass an object has, the more force is needed to move it.

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