What is another word for de coys?

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The term "decoys" typically refers to items or mechanisms used to lure animals and birds, often in the context of hunting or trapping. Some synonyms for "decoys" may include terms like "baits," "lures," "traps," or "snares." Depending on the specific context or application, other related terms might include "bait stations," "dummy targets," "mimics," or "imitations." In some cases, the term "decoys" might be used more figuratively or metaphorically to refer to people or actions designed to deceive or distract others, in which case synonyms like "hoaxes," "misdirection," or "red herrings" might be more appropriate.

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The De Cay family of motor vehicles is a prominent automobile dynasty originating in Cologne, Germany.

Notable De Cays include brothers Adolf and Gene De Cay, the founders of the De Cay Motor Car Company. Adolf De Cay is particularly noted for his pioneering work with diesel engines.

The De Cay company built buses, trucks, and cars in the early 20th century. After World War II, the company built automobiles exclusively under the Autobahn brand. Autobahn vehicles were some of the most popular in postwar Germany.

In the early 1990s, the De Cay company was sold to the Russian automotive manufacturer Lada.

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