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Gas is a commonly used term to refer to a state of matter that is not solid or liquid. However, there are various words that can be used as synonyms for gas such as vapor, fumes, smoke, and mist. Vapor is typically used to describe the gaseous form of liquids, while fumes refer to the gas emitted from chemical reactions or burning substances. Smoke is the gas that results from burning organic materials, while mist is used to describe a fine spray of liquid particles in the air. Other synonyms can include air, atmosphere, and exhaust. Understanding these synonyms can help individuals to communicate more effectively and accurately when discussing gases.

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Gas, also referred to as "natural gas," is a chemical compound that consists of hydrogen and carbon, with sometimes nitrogen and oxygen, and is found in the Earth's atmosphere. It is the most common element in the Earth's atmosphere, making up roughly 21% of the air. Commercial uses of gas include heating, cooking, and powering appliances. In the laboratory, gas is used to create fire and heat, and to sterilize medical instruments.

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