What is another word for gauze?

Pronunciation: [ɡˈɔːz] (IPA)

Gauze is a lightweight, woven fabric typically used for medical dressings or as a protective layer for wounds. It is also commonly used for various crafting projects. While gauze is the most widely used term to describe this fabric, there are several synonyms that can be used to refer to the same material. Some of the synonyms for gauze include cheesecloth, muslin, netting, mesh, scrim, and tulle. These terms may be used interchangeably depending on the context in which they are being used. Regardless of the synonym used, gauze remains an essential material in the medical field for wound care and in the crafting world for various DIY projects.

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Usage examples for Gauze

He was not even now completely recovered from his Bucket Lane experiences and there was still about him that uncertainty of life-when one sees it as though through gauze curtains-that gives reality to the quality of dreams.
Hugh Walpole
Our lady borne smiling and smart With a pink gauze gown all spangles, and seven swords stuck in her heart!
"Hospital Sketches"
Robert Swain Peabody
She was wearing a black lace dress with a glittering spangled scarf of Indian gauze floating about her.
"The Lamp in the Desert"
Ethel M. Dell

Famous quotes with Gauze

  • They used to photograph Shirley Temple through gauze. They should photograph me through linoleum.
    Tallulah Bankhead
  • They used to photograph Shirley Temple through gauze. They should photograph me through linoleum.
    Tallulah Bankhead
  • I like Sarah Palin, and I’ve heartily enjoyed her arrival on the national stage. As a career classroom teacher, I can see how smart she is — and quite frankly, I think the people who don’t see it are the stupid ones, wrapped in the fuzzy mummy-gauze of their own worn-out partisan dogma. So she doesn’t speak the King’s English — big whoop! … I stand on what I said (as a staunch pro-choice advocate) in my last two columns — that Palin as a pro-life wife, mother and ambitious professional represents the next big shift in feminism. Pro-life women will save feminism by expanding it, particularly into the more traditional Third World.
    Sarah Palin
  • Small Mabel whimpered all night long, For calling herself the cause. Her oak-eyed mother did no thing But change the bloody gauze.
    Gwendolyn Brooks
  • A match as a pen Blood on the floor as ink The forgotten gauze cover as paper But what should I write? I might just manage my address. This ink is strange; it clots. I write you from a prison in Greece.
    Alexandros Panagoulis

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