What is another word for E-Commerce?

Pronunciation: [ˈiːkˈɒmɜːs] (IPA)

E-commerce refers to the buying and selling of products and services using the internet. There are several synonyms and related terms for this popular business model. One of the most common substitutes for e-commerce is online shopping, a term that is easily understandable by most people. Other synonyms for e-commerce include electronic commerce, internet commerce, web commerce, and digital commerce. Some related terms include m-commerce, which refers to buying and selling over mobile devices, and social commerce, which involves using social media platforms for online selling. In summary, e-commerce is a versatile business model that can be described using various synonyms and related terms, depending on the context and audience.

What are the paraphrases for E-commerce?

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  • Forward Entailment

  • Independent

    • Adjective
    • Noun, singular or mass
      -commerce, e-tourism.
  • Other Related

    • Adjective
      EBUSINESS, e-trade.
    • Noun, singular or mass
      EBUSINESS, e-trade.

What are the hypernyms for E-commerce?

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  • Other hypernyms:

    electronic commerce, electronic business, web commerce, Cyber Commerce, Network Commerce, Remote Commerce, digital business, digital commerce, internet commerce, online commerce.

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