What is another word for placard?

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Placards, or large signs typically used to display information or advertisements, can have a variety of synonyms depending on their specific use or context. Some common synonyms include posters, billboards, banners, signage, and notices. Other options could include advertisements, announcements, handbills, flyers, bulletins, or even just signs. Depending on the intended purpose of the placard, different words may convey slightly different nuances or meanings. For example, a poster may be seen as more artistic or decorative, while a billboard or banner tends to be more straightforward and attention-grabbing. Regardless, all of these synonyms serve the same essential function of displaying information in a prominent and clear way.

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How to use "Placard" in context?

The placard is a ubiquitous sight on city streets, sporting information about everything from construction to street closures. But what is a placard and what does it do?

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  • n.

    • communication
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    • communication

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