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Alternative is a word that describes something that serves as a substitute or a choice apart from the mainstream. There are several synonyms for alternative such as unconventional, non-traditional, creative, unique, innovative, fresh, distinctive, and novel. Unconventional refers to something different from the norm while non-traditional pertains to anything that is not conventional or typical. Creative suggests something that is original and imaginative. Unique refers to something that is one of a kind. Innovative pertains to anything that introduces something new. Fresh indicates something that is recently produced or new. Distinctive suggests something that is remarkable and stands out. Novel implies something that is new and different from what already exists. These synonyms will help you to effectively use the word alternative for different contexts.

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An alternative retirement is one that comes after your traditional retirement. You can choose this type of retirement if you want to keep working, but take a break from your job. Alternatives to retirement include consulting, freelancing, starting your own business, or taking a course to learn new skills.

There are pros and cons to every retirement alternative. Consultants may earn good money, but may also have less job security than people who stay in the traditional workforce. Freelancers may have more freedom, but may have to work very long hours to make a living. Starting a business can be very risky, but can be very rewarding.

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