What is another word for commercial enterprise?

Pronunciation: [kəmˈɜːʃə͡l ˈɛntəpɹˌa͡ɪz] (IPA)

When we talk about a commercial enterprise, we generally refer to any organized business activity that deals with goods and services meant for profit-making. However, there are several other synonyms one can use instead of the term commercial enterprise. Some of these include a company, organization, business, firm, or corporation. Similarly, one can also use the term venture, startup, or startup company to refer to a newer commercial enterprise. Additionally, any small business owner might also use the term mom-and-pop store, a small business, or a local business instead of commercial enterprise. So, depending on the context and scale of the business entity in question, one can find many synonyms for the term commercial enterprise.

Synonyms for Commercial enterprise:

What are the hypernyms for Commercial enterprise?

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What are the hyponyms for Commercial enterprise?

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What are the opposite words for commercial enterprise?

Commercial enterprise is a term used to describe a business or company that operates for the purpose of making a profit. Antonyms, or opposite words, for commercial enterprise could be non-profit organization, charity, or non-commercial entity. Non-profit organizations aim to achieve social or charitable goals rather than generating profit. They are established to serve a specific cause, rather than earning money. Charities are another example of non-profit organizations, and their main aim is to help and support people with specific needs. Non-commercial entities could refer to government entities or public organizations that are not primarily focused on generating revenue.

What are the antonyms for Commercial enterprise?

Famous quotes with Commercial enterprise

  • A man who works under orders with other men must be without vanity. If he has too strong a will of his own and if his ideas are in conflict with those of his chief, the execution of orders will always be uncertain because of his efforts to interpret them in his own way. Faith in the chief must keep the gang together. Obviously deference must not turn into servility. A chief of staff or a departmental head should be able, if it seems to him (rightly or wrongly) that his superior is making a serious mistake, to tell him so courageously. But this sort of collaboration is really effective only if such frankness has true admiration and devotion behind it. If the lieutenant does not admit that his chief is more experienced and has better judgment than he himself, he will serve him badly. Criticism of the chief by a subordinate must be accidental and not habitual. What must an assistant do if he is sure he is right and if his chief refuses to accept his criticisms? He must obey the order after offering his objections. No collective work is possible without discipline. If the matter is so serious that it can have a permanent effect upon the future of a country, an army, or a commercial enterprise, the critic may hand in his resignation. But this must be done only as a last resort; as long as a man thinks he can be useful he must remain at his post.
    André Maurois

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