What is another word for echoes?

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Echoes are the reverberations of sound waves that bounce off surfaces, creating a repeating effect. Synonyms for this word include reflections, reverberations, repetitions, resounds, and duplicates. Each of these words describes the concept of sound that is bounced back, creating a secondary effect. Reflections and reverberations are similar to echoes but imply a more sustained effect. Repetitions and resounds suggest repetition, and duplicates indicate an identical or nearly identical sound wave. All of these synonyms can be used interchangeably with "echoes" depending on the context. Whether you're describing the sound in a canyon or a stadium, using a synonym for echo can add variation to your writing.

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    In Greek mythology, Echo is a nymph who played a significant role in the Apollo legend. Echo's immortal voice could be repeated an indefinite number of times, and was known to reflect back everything that was said to her. Echo was a favorite of the god Apollo, who gifted her with the ability to reply spontaneously to any speech or song she heard.

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