What is another word for voiced?

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There are several synonyms for the word "voiced" such as uttered, expressed, vocalized, articulated, spoke, talked, enunciated, declaimed, and pronounced. All these words imply the act of giving voice to one's thoughts, feelings, or opinions. The term "voiced" generally pertains to verbal communication, but other synonyms such as articulated and pronounced suggest a more deliberate and clear enunciation. Words like declaimed and vocalized are more expressive, indicating a strong emphasis or intensity in one's delivery. Regardless of which synonym is used, they all convey the same essential meaning of speaking or communicating one's thoughts and feelings through the use of one's voice.

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What are the opposite words for voiced?

The antonyms for the word "voiced" can be described as muted, silent, or whispered. When something is muted, it is deliberately made quiet or restrained. Silent means completely without sound, and whispered means spoken in a hushed or soft tone. Other antonyms can include subdued, muted, and inaudible. These words can be used to describe the opposite meaning of "voiced" - a term that expresses the act of speaking or the sound of a voice. By understanding antonyms, we can better understand language and how to use words to convey specific meanings.

What are the antonyms for Voiced?

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