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Demonstrates is a versatile word that depicts a wide range of actions. Thankfully, there are many synonyms that can be used to describe similar actions. One great option is "illustrates," which means to provide a clear and concise example. If you want to emphasize something's significance, "emphasizes" is the perfect choice. "Displays" indicates a visible or tangible presentation of something. "Exhibits" refers to something that shows itself through its qualities or actions. "Manifests" suggests something that becomes apparent through its visible signs or evidence. "Proves" refers to providing evidence or a point of view that showcases the truth about something. Other synonyms for demonstrates include "exemplifies," "displays," "shows," "exposes," "indicates," "evinces," and "documents".

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    Demonstrates is a literary term that means "to show or prove." A demonstration can be an event in which a thing is shown, or an explanation of a thing. A demonstration can also be a demonstration of skill, or an act of devotion. demonstrations provide evidence and support for a claim or argument.

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