What is another word for Remarked?

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[ ɹɪmˈɑːkt], [ ɹɪmˈɑːkt], [ ɹ_ɪ_m_ˈɑː_k_t]

Synonyms for Remarked:

How to use "Remarked" in context?

It was a cold afternoon when Tom had to hand in his final paper for his university degree. Standing in front of the professor's desk, he nervously read through the last sentence. "Tom, I noticed that you have commented on every single paper in this course." Tom nodded, glad he had been able to contribute to the class discussion. "Well done, Tom. I'm glad you found the time to participate in the class." The professor extended his hand and Tom shook it. "You're welcome, sir. I enjoyed the class." Tom packed his bag and left the room, wishing he had more time to talk to the professor.

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