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Vibration is a phenomenon where an object or a system moves rapidly back and forth. It is commonly associated with the transfer of energy from one point to another. Synonyms for the term vibration include oscillation, shaking, tremor, quivering, shuddering, pulsation, and jitter. Oscillation is a periodic movement of a body around a central point due to an external force, while shaking refers to an abrupt and irregular motion caused by an impact or tension. Tremor is a slight or rhythmic movement, and quivering is an involuntary and rapid movement. Shuddering is a sudden shaking movement often accompanied by a feeling of coldness or fear, and pulsation is a rhythmical or throbbing movement. Jitter refers to a rapid or irregular movement that occurs unpredictably.

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How to use "Vibration" in context?

Vibration is the manifestation of energy that is waves, pushes, or pulls. Vibration can be felt as a type of movement and sensation in the body, or simply as sound. Waves of vibration, such as the sound waves that make up music, can be described in terms of their frequency and amplitude.

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