What is another word for echt?

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[ ˈɛt͡ʃt], [ ˈɛt‍ʃt], [ ˈɛ_tʃ_t]

Echt is a German term that often used in the English language as a noun, adjective, and adverb. There are a few synonyms that can be used to replace the word "echt" in writing or speaking. The words "authentic, genuine, true, real, and legit" are the most common synonyms of echt. These words convey the same meaning as echt and can be used interchangeably. One can use "authentic" when referring to something that is genuine or true to its original form, "genuine" when referring to something that is trustworthy or real, "true" when referring to something that is factual or accurate, "real" when referring to something that is not fabricated or counterfeit, and "legit" when referring to something that is legitimate or lawful.

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    The word "echt" means genuine or authentic. Therefore, some antonyms of this word could be fake, counterfeit, imitative, artificial, or phony. These words represent things that are not authentic, or are created with intent to deceive. Another antonym for "echt" could be pretentious, as it implies something or someone is putting up a false image in order to seem more genuine or authentic than they actually are. In contrast, synonyms for "echt" could be real, actual, true, or legitimate. Antonyms can help us to better understand a word and its meaning by providing contrasting terms that help highlight its significance.

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