What is another word for questionable?

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When it comes to describing something that is uncertain or suspicious, there are a variety of synonyms for the word "questionable". These include terms like doubtful, dubious, suspect, shady, and uncertain. Additionally, phrases like "open to question" or "under suspicion" can also be used to convey a similar meaning. Depending on the context, other words like unreliable, untrustworthy, or questionable may also be appropriate. No matter which word or phrase is chosen, the underlying implication is that there is reason to doubt or question the veracity or legitimacy of something.

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How to use "Questionable" in context?

There is no one answer to whether something is questionable or not - it depends on what you mean by the term. Generally speaking, if something is considered questionable, it is not clear or uncertain. This could mean that there is not enough information available to make a definite judgement, or that the information available is not conclusive. Some examples of questionable topics could be whether or not a certain activity is harmful, whether or not a drug is safe, or whether or not a person is telling the truth.

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