What is another word for authenticated?

Pronunciation: [ɔːθˈɛntɪkˌe͡ɪtɪd] (IPA)

Authenticated refers to the act of verifying or validating something to be true, genuine or correct. Synonyms for authenticated include verified, confirmed, endorsed, certified, validated, approved, attested, and accredited. These terms are often used interchangeably and indicate that something has been given an official and trustworthy status. Authenticated documents, transactions or identities can be relied upon as authentic and legally binding. The use of synonyms for authenticated depends on the context in which they are used and the level of assurance required. Authentication is critical in many contexts, such as financial transactions, identity verification, and legal proceedings.

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What are the opposite words for authenticated?

The antonyms for the word "authenticated" are unverified, counterfeit, fake, bogus, and fabricated, among others. To authenticate something means to validate or confirm its authenticity, but antonyms suggest the opposite. If something is unverified, it has not been subjected to verification procedures, making it uncertain or doubtful. Meanwhile, counterfeit, fake, bogus, and fabricated imply something is not genuine or authentic, but rather imitated or invented to deceive or mislead. Therefore, when dealing with important matters, it is always essential to ensure that the information is authenticated and free from the risks of any antonyms mentioned above.

Usage examples for Authenticated

The mass of great meteors such as these must be measured in hundreds if not thousands of pounds, and stories are current, although not very well authenticated, of even larger ones, many tons in weight, having been found partially buried in the ground.
"A Text-Book of Astronomy"
George C. Comstock
Yet was Ninon's adventure more inexplicable than some of the absolutely authenticated cases of Cagliostro's magic?
Albert Payson Terhune
Whereas, nearly all, if not quite all, these gaps can be bridged quite easily by well-authenticated facts.
Albert Payson Terhune

Famous quotes with Authenticated

  • ...H.K. Srivastava, made a proposal to attack the problem of communal friction at what he apparently considered its roots. He wanted all press writing about the historical origins of temples and mosques to be banned. And it is true : the discussion of the origins of some mosques is fundamental to this whole issue. For, it reveals the actual workings of an ideology that, more than anything else, has caused countless violent confrontations between the religious communities. However, after the news of this proposal came, nothing was heard of it anymore. I surmise that the proposal was found to be juridically indefensible in that it effectively would prohibit history-writing, a recognized academic discipline of which journalism makes use routinely. And I surmise that it was judged politically undesirable because it would counterproductively draw attention to this explosive topic. The real target of this proposal was the book by Arun Shourie and others. In the same period, there has been a proposal in the Rajya Sabha by Congress MP Mrs. Aliya to get this book banned,... The really hard part of the book is a list of some two thousand Muslim buildings that have been built on places of previous Hindu worship (and for which many more than two thousand temples have been demolished). In spite of the threat of a ban on raking up this discussion, on November 18 the U.P. daily Pioneer has published a review of this book, by Vimal Yogi Tiwari,.... "History is not just an exercise in collection of facts though, of course, facts have to be carefully sifted and authenticated as Mr. Sita Ram Goel has done in this case. History is primarily an exercise in self-awareness and reinforcement of that self-awareness. Such a historical assessment has by and large been missing in our country. This at once gives special significance to this book."
    Koenraad Elst

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