What is another word for unfeigned?

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[ ʌnfˈe͡ɪnd], [ ʌnfˈe‍ɪnd], [ ʌ_n_f_ˈeɪ_n_d]

Synonyms for Unfeigned:

How to use "Unfeigned" in context?

There are several words in the English language that are associated with honesty. "unfeigned" is one of them. Despite what the word might suggest, un-feigned doesn't necessarily mean fake. It's simply sincere. It's sincerity that counts, not false politeness.

It's sincerity that shows through in our actions. Sometimes, nothing illustrates this more than a minor mistake. We might slip up while talking to someone or while writing a paper. In either case, we're regulating our speech and behavior in order to create an impression. This usually isn't the case with un-feigned people.

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