What is another word for delusory?

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Delusory is a word that means misleading or deceptive. When trying to convey the same meaning, one can use other synonyms such as illusory or deceptive. Illusory means that something is perceived to be real but is only an illusion or false impression. Similarly, deceptive refers to something that is deliberately misleading and aims to trick or deceive. Another synonym for delusory is deceptive, which indicates a lack of honesty or truth and the deliberate attempt to mislead someone. Other alternatives to delusory include misleading, fictitious, false, and fallacious. These words can be effectively used in different contexts to convey the same sense of being misleading, deceptive, or illusory.

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    Delusion is when a person's belief in something is not based on reality. This can happen when a person is under the influence of a false belief or is experiencing a mental disorder.

    There are different types of delusions, but some of the most common are Cotard's delusion, hypergraphia, and somatoform delusion. Cotard's delusion is when a person believes that they are dead, while hypergraphia is a disorder where a person becomes obsessed with their handwriting. Somatoform delusion is when a person believes that they are having a physical condition when they are not.

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