What is another word for manufactured?

Pronunciation: [mˌanjuːfˈakt͡ʃəd] (IPA)

The word "manufactured" has several synonyms that can be used depending on the context and tone of the sentence. Some of the commonly used synonyms include "produced", "fabricated", "assembled", "constructed", "made", "created", "built", and "engineered". For instance, instead of saying "these products are manufactured in our factory", one could say "these products are produced in our factory", or "these products are assembled in our factory". Similarly, instead of saying "the car is manufactured by Ford", one could say "the car is made by Ford", or "the car is engineered by Ford". By using synonyms for "manufactured", one can vary their language and make their writing or speech more interesting.

Synonyms for Manufactured:

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What are the opposite words for manufactured?

Manufactured is a verb that means to produce or create something on a large scale through industrial processes. Antonyms for manufactured include words like handmade, natural, organic, unprocessed, and artisanal. These words suggest products made through traditional methods, without the use of machinery or advanced technology. Handmade items are often viewed as unique and personalized while natural and organic products are known for their purity and lack of artificial ingredients. Unprocessed materials retain their original qualities, while artisanal products are made with great skill and expertise. Using these antonyms in place of manufactured highlights a return to craftsmanship, originality, and simplicity.

Usage examples for Manufactured

They knew that the manufactured serpent was only a sign, and had in itself no healing virtue, but in looking at it they saw, as in a picture, God's power to overcome the most noxious of evils.
"The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I"
Marcus Dods
Thus the sledge parts were manufactured to possess the same facilities to fit not only all other sledges, but also other parts of the same sledge.
"My Attainment of the Pole"
Frederick A. Cook
Moreover, specialization in market commodities produced the cash which had become ever more important to buy equipment, pay taxes and purchase manufactured goods which were no longer made on the farm.
"Frying Pan Farm"
Elizabeth Brown Pryor

Famous quotes with Manufactured

  • The accumulation of skill and science which has been directed to diminish the difficulty of producing manufactured goods, has not been beneficial to that country alone in which it is concentrated; distant kingdoms have participated in its advantages.
    Charles Babbage
  • In 2003, I introduced and passed The Tornado Shelters Act, which allows local governments to use Community Development Block Grant funds to construct storm shelters in manufactured housing communities.
    Spencer Bachus
  • Take ice. Ice is fascinating to me. Ice is the one thing in our world that went from an agricultural product to being manufactured.
    Alton Brown
  • Iraq is a manufactured conflict for the sake of geopolitical dominance in the area.
    Janeane Garofalo
  • Nature, when she invented, manufactured, and patented her authors, contrived to make critics out of the chips that were left.
    Oliver Wendell Holmes

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