What is another word for formidable?

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Formidable is a word that expresses strength, power, and even intimidation. It may be used to describe a person, an animal, an idea, or a situation. Its synonyms include intimidating, daunting, imposing, powerful, overwhelming, impressive, and difficult. Intimidating carries the sense of causing fear or unease, while daunting implies a sense of discouragement or intimidation due to difficulty or challenge. imposing refers to something that commands attention or respect due to its size or presence. Powerful suggests great strength and effectiveness. Overwhelming conveys a sense of being too much to handle, while impressive implies admiration or respect for someone or something. Finally, difficult suggests a challenge that requires great effort or skill to overcome. All these synonyms capture the essence of what it means to be formidable.

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How to use "Formidable" in context?

In its truest sense, formidable means "unconquerable," and rightly so - for it is difficult, if not impossible, to overcome something truly formidable.

When we think of formidable animals, creatures like lions, bears, and sharks frequently come to mind. But there are innumerable formidable plants and elements as well, from towering sequoias to ferocious hurricanes.

In fact, even some objects that might not seem very imposing at first can be downright daunting - think of a towering skyscraper or a cliff face. The sheer scale and power of formidable things can be incredibly awe-inspiring.

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