What is another word for hefty?

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When it comes to describing something that is big, weighty, or substantial, there are many synonyms for the word "hefty." Some alternatives that could be used to describe something large and heavy may include bulky, substantial, weighty, ponderous, substantial, massive, or colossal. Additionally, words such as substantial or significant could be used to describe the extent or importance of something, such as a hefty price tag or a hefty achievement. From objects to ideas, the English language provides a wide range of words that we can use to describe things of significant size, weight, or importance.

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How to use "Hefty" in context?

As with most things in life, there is a range of meanings to the word "hefty." In general, heftiness refers to something that is heavy or substantial. When used adjectivally, hefty can describe an object, person, or experience as being very heavy or substantial. This can refer to their weight in kilograms, the size of their body, or the impact that they have on the surrounding environment. Some people might use hefty to describe something that is impressive or significant, while others might use it to describe something that is expensive or luxurious. Interestingly, heftiness is also a measure of how strong an object is.

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  • hefti.

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