What is another word for enormously?

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[ ɪnˈɔːməsli], [ ɪnˈɔːməsli], [ ɪ_n_ˈɔː_m_ə_s_l_i]

The word "enormously" is often used to describe something that is very large or significant. However, there are many synonyms for this word that can be used to convey similar meanings. Some of the most common synonyms for "enormously" include "immensely," "tremendously," "vastly," "incredibly," "exceedingly," "colossally," "mightily," "terribly," and "monstrously." These words are all excellent choices when trying to describe something that is very large or significant, but each has its own unique connotations and shades of meaning. By choosing the right synonym, you can help your writing to be more precise, accurate, and effective.

Synonyms for Enormously:

How to use "Enormously" in context?

Some people believe that the word "enormously" can be used to describe anything that is huge. But others believe that it is only appropriate to use the word when referring to something that is truly gigantic. For example, a building could be described as enormously tall, wide, or long, but it would not be appropriate to say that the person is enormously obese. In this article, we will explore when the word "enormously" is appropriate and when it is not.

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