What is another word for Firman?

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Firman is a Persian word referring to an official decree or order issued by a monarch. Its synonyms include imperial edict, royal proclamation, mandate, command, directive, order, warrant, and decree. These words signify the authority and power vested in the issuer and the binding nature of the edict. Firman has been historically used in the Ottoman Empire to signify the decrees of the sultan to his subjects and allies. The term has also been used in Iran and India to refer to the orders of the monarchs or rulers. In modern times, firman is still used in diplomatic contexts to refer to official decrees or orders of governments or international organizations.

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    Usage examples for Firman

    To honour us according to his masters Firman, the governor sent all the garrison to meet us a few miles from the town, with a polite apology for his absence, due to sickness.
    "A Narrative of Captivity in Abyssinia With Some Account of the Late Emperor Theodore, His Country and People"
    Henry Blanc
    Miss Firman, are you prepared to give your testimony?"
    "Hand and Ring"
    Anna Katharine Green
    "Miss Firman," he now asked, "did it ever strike you that the hermit life she led was due to any fear or apprehension which she may have secretly entertained?"
    "Hand and Ring"
    Anna Katharine Green

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