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Authorisation refers to the act of giving permission or approval for something to occur. There are several synonyms for authorisation, including approval, permission, consent, sanction, warrant, empowerment, and endorsement. Approval refers to the acceptance or agreement with a certain action or decision, while permission is the act of granting someone the right to do something. Consent refers to giving permission or agreement to something that may affect you. Sanction is the official permission or approval of something, while warrant refers to the authorization issued by a government or legal authority. Empowerment, on the other hand, is granting someone the ability or authority to do something, and endorsement refers to the act of expressing support or approval of something.

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Authorisation is a legal process by which one person or entity is allowed to act on behalf of another. In essence, an authorisation is a formal declaration by an authorised person that the specified action is within the scope of the authorisation.

Authorisations are most commonly issued in connection with the ownership, possession, use or disposal of items such as firearms, explosives and drugs. An authorisation typically sets out the conditions under which the authorised person is permitted to act. Additionally, authorisations may include conditions governing the manner in which the authorised person is permitted to take action and any restrictions on the use of information gained as a result of the action.

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