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Enjoin means to direct or require someone to do something. When finding the right synonym for the word ''enjoin,'' it should depend on the context in which the word is used. Some synonyms with similar meanings to enjoin include command, order, direct, mandate, dictate, require, prescribe, and instruct. These synonyms come in handy when telling someone to do something, especially if there's a need to be firm and assertive in tone. Other synonyms for ''enjoin'' include prohibit, ban, forbid, and preclude. These words may be used to tell someone not to do something. Ultimately, choosing the right synonym for ''enjoin'' should ensure clarity in communication and a proper understanding of the message.

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How to use "Enjoin" in context?

The English word "enjoin" is derived from Old French "enjoindre," which meant "to urge or invite." Enjoin generally means "to order someone to do something" or "to require somebody to do something." When used as an verb, enjoin usually means "to request someone to do something.

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