What is another word for erection?

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There are many synonyms for the word "erection," which commonly refers to the state of sexual arousal in males. Some common synonyms include "hard-on," "boner," "stiffy," and "rock-hard." Other words such as "tumescence," "rigidity," and "engorgement" can be used in a more clinical or formal context. The slang term "wood" is also commonly used to describe an erection. It's important to note that while these terms may be commonly used in colloquial or humorous contexts, it's essential to respect boundaries and use appropriate terminology in professional and medical situations.

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Erections are a result of the stimulation of the male reproductive system, which can be caused by various physical and emotional factors. Pain, anxiety, excitement, and sexual desire are some of the main reasons why a person might get an erection. The penis's muscles relax and fill with blood, which causes an erection. Some men have difficulty having erections at times, while others always have them.

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