What is another word for Ichthyic?

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The word "Ichthyic" refers to aquatic or fish-like. There is a wide range of synonyms that can be used for this word. These include watery, marine, piscine, fishy, aquatic, oceanic, subaquatic and amphibious. Depending on the context of usage, the most appropriate synonym can be chosen. For instance, if you want to describe a person who loves the ocean and aquatic life, you can use the word marine instead of ichthyic. Similarly, if you want to describe a particular type of fish, you can use piscine instead of ichthyic. Using synonyms enhances the richness of the language and helps to avoid repetition.

Usage examples for Ichthyic

It supposes a gradual elevation in grade of the vertebrate type in the course of ages from the most simple Ichthyic form to that of the placental mammalia and the coming upon the stage last in the order of time of the most anthropomorphous mammalia, followed by the human race-this last thus appearing as an integral part of the same continuous series of acts of development, one link in the same chain, the crowning operation as it were of one and the same series of manifestations of creative power.
"The Antiquity of Man"
Charles Lyell
It never once crossed my mind when, in writing my little volume, the "Footprints," I had such frequent occasion to refer to my master, our great authority in Ichthyic history, that he himself would have associated his name with it on the other side of the Atlantic, and referred in turn to its humble writer.
"Louis Agassiz: His Life and Correspondence"
Louis Agassiz
Walk with me to the Battery, And see in glassy tanks the seals, The sturgeons, flounders, smelt and eels Disport themselves in Ichthyic curves- And when it gets upon our nerves Then, while our wabbling taxi honks I'll tell you all about the Bronx, Where captive wild things mope and stare Through grills of steel that bar each lair Doomed to imprisonment for life- And you may go and take your wife.
Robert W. Chambers

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