What is another word for frustrate?

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Frustrate is a word that is used to express feelings of annoyance, disappointment, or dissatisfaction. However, there are several synonyms that can be used to convey similar emotions. Some of the popular synonyms for the word frustrate include thwart, foil, hinder, obstruct, impede, and hamper. Thwart refers to the act of preventing someone from achieving their objectives. Foil is a synonym that suggests putting an end to someone's success or plans. Hinder, impede, and obstruct imply obstructing or slowing down something or someone. Hamper means to hold someone back or obstruct their progress. In essence, all these words can be interchanged with frustrate to communicate the same feeling.

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How to use "Frustrate" in context?

The word "frustrate" means to cause dissatisfaction. When you are frustrated, you feel upset or angry because you cannot achieve what you want. Frustration can come from many different sources, such as when you cannot figure out how to do something, when you are not getting the response you want from someone, or when a task is taking too long.

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