What is another word for thwart?

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Thwart is a word that means to obstruct or prevent someone from achieving their goals or plans. There are several synonyms for the word thwart which include hinder, impede, foil, frustrate, obstruct, stymie, hamper, deter, stop, and block. Each of these words has a slightly different connotation, but the overall meaning is similar to thwart. To hinder someone means to make it difficult for them to do something. To foil means to prevent something from happening. To stymie means to stop someone from progressing. All of these synonyms can be used interchangeably with thwart to describe a situation where someone is prevented from achieving their desired outcome.

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How to use "Thwart" in context?

1. To thwart means to prevent from happening or reaching a desired goal. To thwart a plan or attack is to neutralize it before it can succeed. Typically, thwarting can be done by either users or manufacturers of security software.

2. The word can have a variety of applications in daily life. For example, thwarting a scheme to rob a jewelry store may involve distracting the robbers with pleas for help, or by shooting rubber bullets at the criminals. Thwarting a plan to vandalize a public monument may require getting the vandalism done before it's noticed.

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