What is another word for festive?

Pronunciation: [fˈɛstɪv] (IPA)

Festive is a word often used to describe celebrations and parties, but sometimes it's good to vary your vocabulary and find new ways to describe something. Some synonyms for festive include joyful, jolly, merry, gleeful, buoyant, celebratory, convivial, and exuberant. These words reflect the high spirits of the occasion and can add layers of meaning to your descriptions. Other synonyms that convey the same idea include ebullient, effervescent, high-spirited, frolicsome, and effusive. Whether you're describing a holiday gathering, a birthday party, or a lively event with friends, each of these words can help you add a little bit of flair to your writing and make it more interesting to read.

Synonyms for Festive:

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What are the hypernyms for Festive?

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What are the opposite words for festive?

The word "festive" is often associated with celebrations, merriment, and joy. However, there are also antonyms that describe the opposite emotions and atmospheres. One such antonym is "solemn," which suggests a serious tone and somber ambiance. "Dull" is another antonym that implies a lack of excitement or entertainment. "Gloomy" and "dreary" are also antonyms that convey a sense of sadness and darkness. "Melancholy" is another antonym that suggests a subdued and reflective mood. Although festive events are typically associated with positive emotions, these antonyms remind us that there are occasions where a different tone and atmosphere may be more appropriate.

Usage examples for Festive

Are they joyous and festive?
"The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus"
G. A. Chadwick
The table-linen was also snowy white; but what the girls far more appreciated were the piles of fruit, the quantities of cakes, the stacks of sandwiches, and the great plates of bread-and-butter that waited for them on the festive board.
"Girls of the Forest"
L. T. Meade
A festive supper had followed the successful play.
"A Handbook to the Works of Browning (6th ed.)"
Mrs. Sutherland Orr

Famous quotes with Festive

  • Experts say you should never hit your children in anger. When is a good time? When you're feeling festive?
    Roseanne Barr
  • I love the culture of grilling. It creates an atmosphere that is festive but casual.
    Bobby Flay
  • What good to me is the festive garment of freedom when I am in a slave's smock at home?
    Johann G. Hamann
  • Our thoughts fly therefore by themselves in this festive hour of our plant community, to the man whom we thank for the ressurection of our Nation: Adolf Hitler, the patron of German labour and German art.
    Gustav Krupp
  • Swirls of antique stained glass, blazes of brass, forests of carved wood and waterfalls of crystal combine to make up the city's most fabulously festive interior.
    Mimi Sheraton

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