What is another word for oblique?

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Oblique means a slanted or angled position or direction. There are a number of synonyms for the term "oblique." These include diagonal, slanting, tilting, askew, angled, inclined, leaning, canted, and skewed. These words all share a common meaning of something being positioned at an angle, rather than straight up and down or completely horizontal. Oblique can also refer to indirect or subtle, and in this context, some synonyms include indirect, vague, equivocal, allusive, and evasive. With a variety of words to choose from, writers have many options for expressing the concept of something being slanted, angled, or indirect.

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How to use "Oblique" in context?

When adjectives are used to modify nouns, they are said to be oblique. While most adjectives can be seen as modifying typical nouns (like "plain", "tall", or "round"), there are a few that are typically used to modify other oblique nouns. These adjectives describe a noun from a specific angle or in a specific way.

An oblique adjective is a word used to modify a noun in a specific way. Oftentimes, these adjectives describe a noun from a specific angle or in a specific way.

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