What is another word for incitation?

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Incitation is the act of encouraging or urging someone to do something that might not be positive for them or for society. There are a few synonyms that can be used instead of the word incitation, for instance: instigation, provocation, stimulation, and agitation. Instigation refers to the act of provoking or encouraging someone to take action, often in a negative sense. Provocation means to stimulate or incite anger or annoyance in someone. Stimulation is to encourage or inspire someone, while agitation is the state of excitement caused by being stirred up emotionally. All of these words are related to incitation, but they each have a slightly different meaning and connotation.

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How to use "Incitation" in context?

Incitation is the act or threat of urging or urging someone to do something. It can also refer to the motive for doing something. Incitation can be intentional, or unintentional. Incitement can take many forms, including words, actions, or threats. Incitement can be direct, or indirect. Direct incitement is when the inciter explicitly urges someone to act. Indirect incitement is when the inciter encourages someone to act indirectly, through a third party.

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