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Goad is a term that refers to something that stimulates or instigates a person to act or move in a particular way, especially by irritating or annoying them. Some synonyms that can be used interchangeably with goad include provoke, incite, urge, spur, stimulate, push, prompt, and prod. These synonyms are all related to motivating someone to do or achieve something. Each of them has a slightly different meaning, but all convey the same general idea. Using these synonyms in place of goad can help to add variety and nuance to your writing or speech.

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What are the opposite words for goad?

Goad, a term used for encouraging or provoking someone, has its antonyms in words such as dissuade, deter, discourage, hinder, restrain, and calm. Dissuade means to persuade someone not to take an action or to change their mind. Deter means to discourage someone from doing something by instilling fear or doubt. Discourage means to cause someone to lose confidence or enthusiasm. Hinder means to slow down or prevent progress. Restrain means to prevent someone from doing something. And calm means to soothe someone's temper or feelings. All these words have the opposite meaning of goad, suggesting restraint or caution rather than prompting action.

Usage examples for Goad

When others attempt to goad you on to do evil, tell them the story of the elephant and the rotten bridge.
"Stories of Animal Sagacity"
W.H.G. Kingston
But he had lost his head; under the goad of Katharine's ridicule he had said too much, and Cassandra, superb in her dignity and severity, had refused to hear another word, and threatened an immediate return to her home.
"Night and Day"
Virginia Woolf
More than once it occurred to Paul that Carl was actually trying to goad him into leaving.
"Jane Lends A Hand"
Shirley Watkins

Famous quotes with Goad

  • My goal is to goad people into saying something that ruins their life.
    Don Imus
  • Though the dungeon, the scourge, and the executioner be absent, the guilty mind can apply the goad and scorch with blows.
  • But a lot of writers - and I'm one of them - do tend to feel dissatisfied. It makes you a little hard to live with, but it's a goad and does keep you alert and restless.
    Tobias Wolff
  • Though the dungeon, the scourge, and the executioner be absent, the guilty mind can apply the goad and scorch with blows.
  • The good people of Iowa have debated issues ranging from nuclear Armageddon to universal health care. And then there’s 2016, when the top two Republican candidates in the dwindling hours before caucusgoers pick a nominee are throwing around this question: “How stupid are the people of Iowa?” It was Donald Trump who first raised the issue of Hawkeye State imbecility, in a mocking reference to a crush that Iowans had on Ben Carson last fall. And it’s the odious Ted Cruz who has been using Trump’s very words to goad Iowans into proving that they are not, in fact, so stupid as to back an ego-inflamed reality television star who makes fun of them.
    Timothy Egan

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