What is another word for signal?

Pronunciation: [sˈɪɡnə͡l] (IPA)

Signal can be used to describe a wide variety of things, from a hand gesture to a flashing light. However, sometimes we need to vary our vocabulary and find another word to communicate the same message. Some synonyms for signal include indicate, communicate, convey, manifest, and demonstrate. Using words like these can help make our language more diverse and interesting, while still conveying the same meaning. For instance, a wink can be seen as a signal, but it could also be seen as a manifestation of affection. The more words we have to describe something, the better we can express ourselves.

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What are the opposite words for signal?

Signal is a word that refers to a gesture, action or sign that gives direction or indicates some important information. Antonyms for the word signal could be silence, obscure, camouflage, conceal, or hide. Silence suggests a lack of sound or communication, whereas signal implies a clear and noticeable indication. Likewise, something that is obscure or difficult to understand is antonymous to the word signal's clarity and direction. Similarly, to camouflage or conceal is to hide from sight, whereas signal draws attention and highlights important information. Ultimately, using antonyms can create contrasting pairs that helps us better understand the intended meaning of the word signal.

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Usage examples for Signal

At a given signal the balloon shot up with Porler in the basket.
"Leo the Circus Boy"
Ralph Bonehill
It was evidently a signal of the warriors for battle, for three hundred of them suddenly emerged from the thicket.
"In Desert and Wilderness"
Henryk Sienkiewicz
He gave the signal for the departure, but on the road said to Nell: Well!
"In Desert and Wilderness"
Henryk Sienkiewicz

Famous quotes with Signal

  • Well, there's a question as to what sort of information is important in the world, what sort of information can achieve reform. And there's a lot of information. So information that organizations are spending economic effort into concealing, that's a really good signal that when the information gets out, there's a hope of it doing some good.
    Julian Assange
  • Having the opportunity to follow the market frequently gives you the opportunity to see if you need to reevaluate your portfolio. But reevaluating your portfolio shouldn't trigger a sell signal so frequently.
    Maria Bartiromo
  • Rough Riders took 13 weeks to shoot, plus a week of training. The same guy trained us trained the cast in Platoon. Except, instead of radios, we used bugles to signal.
    Tom Berenger
  • Disenchantment, whether it is a minor disappointment or a major shock, is the signal that things are moving into transition in our lives.
    William Throsby Bridges
  • As a privileged survivor of the First World War, I hope I may be allowed to interject here a deeply felt tribute to those who were not fortunate enough to succeed, but who shared the signal honor of trying to the last to salvage peace.
    Rene Cassin

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