What is another word for prevention?

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Prevention is an essential concept that not only helps in protecting an individual or an object but also helps in ensuring the wellbeing of individual and society. While prevention is the most common term used for this concept, there are several other synonyms that can be used to convey the same idea. Some of the most common synonyms for prevention are "protection", "deterrence", "safeguarding", "averting", "mitigation", "hindrance", "defense", "restraint", and "interception". Each synonym has its own connotation and can be used in specific situations to emphasize a different aspect of prevention. Nevertheless, the importance of prevention cannot be overstated. It is a crucial aspect of maintaining safety and security in any given situation.

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    Antonyms for prevention include words such as encouragement, promotion, encouragement, and facilitation. These words imply that instead of trying to stop something from happening, one is actively trying to make it happen. For instance, instead of preventing diseases, one can promote healthy habits that help people to stay healthy. Encouragement refers to motivating someone to do something, while facilitation means making it easier for someone to do something. By using antonyms of prevention, we can focus on creating positive action steps, rather than just reacting to negative outcomes. Overall, it is important to utilize both strategies in order to achieve the best possible results.

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    Usage examples for Prevention

    Nothing, however, can be more obvious than that it is the duty of Government to take measures for the prevention and repair of an abuse of this sort.
    "Contemporary Socialism"
    John Rae
    What is needed is merely the prevention of abuses in the management of land, and that will be accomplished better by regulations in the interest of the community than by any scheme of complete nationalization.
    "Contemporary Socialism"
    John Rae
    They weren't interested in prevention; they were interested in the cure.
    "Frying Pan Farm"
    Elizabeth Brown Pryor

    Famous quotes with Prevention

    • Liberty is the prevention of control by others.
      John Acton
    • The FBI. is a massive culture. It's been a culture that served America well, and it's been focused on prosecution. But what we need in terms of terrorism is prevention.
      John Ashcroft
    • There is no priority higher than the prevention of terrorism.
      John Ashcroft
    • Greater public recognition will also be critical in encouraging prevention and early intervention, and more generally in building public support to meet the challenges of dementia.
      Julie Bishop
    • And we think that our citizens and yours would be very angry if they thought that we hadn't taken every possible step for prevention and then for joint action in the likelihood of those who threaten our lives and our well- being, taking action at the same time.
      David Blunkett

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